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About me:I'm 24 I just moved out to Minneapolis, MN from western New York and I plan on attending college in the spring. For now I'm just looking for some fun things to do and to make new friends.
Member Since:December 9, 2005
Last Login:June 2, 2015
Location:Buffalo, NY
Birthday:September 22
Music means to me:Music is the universal buzz music makes even the dullest moment 1,000 times more interesting and it makes life that much better without music and live shows boredom would drive me crazy
General Interests:live shows, books, dank, camping, hiking and just making sure that I'm having a good time pretty much all of the time.
Other Distractions:Garden state, dazed and confused, rivers and tides, DMT: the spirit molecule (great artwork by Alex Grey), fuckin serpico and shit jersey's dinero.

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