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About me:"You can see the whole of mankind and much of the world in his music," said a fan of Wesley Cook after a show once. Certainly his upbrining all over Europe and Asia has a lot to do with his music, and one understands right away that no one really sounds like Wesley Cook. The music itself has so broad a spectrum that it goes from folk to gypsy; however, the bredth of lyrical content occupies an even greater spectrum. One can tell right away that songwriters such Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, John Lennon and Dave Matthews have left their mark on Wesley. The subject matter of Wesley's songs range from torment, to young love, to levity and hope. Wesley is a natural-born storyteller who's songs are packed with vivid, colorful and relatable imagery. The actual guitar work goes from bitter-sweet and rhythmic, to complex and intricate. One thing can be said for sure, is that no two songs sound alike at all. Some songs have more of a folk blueprint, while others have a more bluesy, gypsy/flamenco, or world-music qualities.
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Music means to me:In his relatively short time on the music scene, he has won over many music critics and gained an ever-growing and dedicated fan-base in Athens, Georgia. It has been said many times that if one can stand out in Athens, then one has accomplished something, as Athens is filled with aspiring musicians. With the release of his first, solo album entitled "We've Been Here Before" and many hours of performing under his belt, Wesley is ready to take his act on the road. "I'm bursting to live out on the road," Wesley said in an interview, "and I can't wait to live the troubador's life: sometimes vagabond, but always a musician... that is my dream."


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