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About me:I like music, sure do. Love the jam bands and my fellow jam band fans too. Would you agree that you really just can’t beat that feeling that comes over you when hearing a band live and the music, vibe and band-to-crowd link are all there? Other interest: love camping, hiking, love horticulture among other things and just hopping in the car and taking a road trip w/o a plan. I like discovering new 'stuff'; anything & everything. I’ve got that willing to try anything approach. But nothin comes close to the enjoyment of spending time with my daughter. I work in the energy industry, alwayz have, not passionate about it to say the least. Pays the bills.. I’m maneuvering to apply my skills into a renewable/sustainable energy field career shift. I’m not religious yet very respectful of others beliefs. My political/ideological views are far left; I'm extremely liberal, one of the free thinking open minded type people.
SO, listening to music and hearing live bands is one of necessary my outs.
Member Since:June 27, 2007
Last Login:August 30, 2012
Location:Huffman, TX
Birthday:January 1
Music means to me:extremely important and an integral part of my life and well being
Schools:yes, skoolz is good - didn't go to a university or I'd plaster it here
General Interests:jus wanna hang out with some easy goin cool, kind, genuine folks
Other Distractions:Ya easily distracted. Currently studying/living permaculture and gardening.


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