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About me:Graying Dead Head - That's hitched his wagon loaded with Clay to the RatDog Bus!
Member Since:August 31, 2006
Last Login:April 24, 2008
Location:Camillus, NY
Music means to me:W/O Music there is No Me...Myself or Eye...

Schools:5 Schools in 4 years...was never much for other peoples rules...=)~
General Interests:Photography, Writing, Tailgating
See: Ratdog Pix @ - LandMark Theatre
Under: Pat Burke...Travlin w / my Bro Cosmic Mookie...Drikin Mocha Java Beers and watchin Matty Moe Penna hit the long ball inside the Pesky Poll!
Other Distractions:Yankees, ND Football, Bruins Hockey, Good Organic Shade grown Coffee, A Big Kitchen w / bunch of friends home made beers and fresh organic FOODZ.
Tye-Dye Collection from years on the road.
Driven down the Road and seein a STEAL - YER FACE sticker in the Back Window of another Kynd Car!


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