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About me:I love to see live music, play live music, talk about music, trip on vintage instruments, amateur producer, recording artist, nature loving, technology indulging, museum freaking, vw van driving, herbal 420 ing, ston-a-fying, drums a banging, house a rocking, party loving, festival goer who digs a slow burn and a chill scene.
Member Since:July 29, 2005
Last Login:August 15, 2008
Location:Santa Cruz, CA
Music means to soul, my intellect, my earthy body all connect and get torn apart on many quantum levels of amalgamation and synchronicity while being destroyed into a million pieces and then put back together again. Music beast in every part of my life from my first memories to my most present form of life.
Schools:HS, AS, BA, BS
General Interests:Poetry, water, fire, wind, cosmos, bongos, spirits, agave, san pedro, don julio, casteneda, hitchcock, kubrick, candles, shabat, unity, grapes, rope, gandhi, sound shapes, soundscapes, eno, lennon, , buildings, burning man, jimi, lights, switches and tubes, swift movement, some air, gravity sports, release, jazz, jam, psycho-funka, poly-rhythmic, time, rhyme, progression, hard, soft, wieldy!


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