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About me:My name is josh and i love to see live music
i found jambase one night while i was looking for moe. tour dates back in 07'
i fell in love with it
it gives someone who has a passion for live music a place to search and talk to others about concerts.
Member Since:January 12, 2009
Last Login:April 5, 2010
Location:Lake in the Hills, IL
Birthday:January 16
Music means to me:Music is everything to me, without it, the world would be a quiet place. Seeing music preformed in front of me with thousands of other people on the same page as you, is an amazing feeling
Schools:I am currently a Senior in High School
i am ready to graduate and move to Colorado where i will attend culinary classes, and become a chef.
General Interests:Cooking, Playing music, learning life skills
Other Distractions:Good ol' Mary Jane


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