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About me:Armed with a funky backline and a sexy frontline...Water Seed is the Future of International Dance, Funk, Rock and Soul.

“Not since the progressive, melodious tunes of Atlanta's own Arrested Development has there been a group whose album proves to be so uplifting for the listener” -–Rolling Out

Imagine Sly and the FamilyStone mixed with a garage Rock / Funk collective with their hometown New Orleans groove sprinkled on top and you have Water Seed.

They have been called the Music Mavericks and the Future Funk Stars by international press and legions of fans. In 2006 they took on the world with their first indie cd, Two Words. Now fueled by the momentum of their latest release “Early for the Future”, Water Seed doesn’t follow a trend, they create the trend for others to follow.

A live show like no other, Water Seed delivers every time. Their ability to wow any audience does their hometown proud. Always in demand Water Seed has performed in several US cities and played over 250 shows in just the past 3 years. They have sold over 5,000 cds and downloads in the past 2 years.

If you are ready for a THE FUTURE....then Water Seed is ready for You.
Member Since:November 10, 2006
Last Login:July 28, 2012
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:January 1
General Interests:Spreading this New Orleans brand of funk around the world.
Other Distractions:Sci-Fi, Bubbles, Video games, and Long drives


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