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About me:Divorced father of a 20 year old music fanatic of a daughter. Live in South Jersey near Philly. Motto: So many books and so much music; So little time!
Member Since:August 5, 2000
Last Login:June 24, 2015
Location:Collingswood, NJ
Music means to me:Life, The Universe and Everything
Schools:Rutgers University, Allegheny College
General Interests:Hockey, football, baseball, Shostakovich, Mahler, Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich, John Adams & Phillip Glass, Laurie Anderson. Internet Radio.
Other Distractions:Vonnegut, Kim Stanley Robinson, addiction & mental health books, fiction, biographies, history, you name it. Clockwork Orange, 2001 & other Kubrick, Avalon, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Lost.


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