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About me:We are based out of the Stl bf and I have been together pretty much every moment of every day for about the past two years...our first summer together we toured and traveled all over. We go to shows and travel as much as we can and plan on just traveling this summer and hittin up as many shows as possible! :) Good vibes, good people, and good music! PeAcE&lOvE
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Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:December 23
Music means to me:Music is amazing. Music brings people together. Music brings emotions. Music addresses issues.
Schools:Ya school was great but life goes way beyond the classroom. On life's crazy journey we tend to learn more amazing things from experience.
General Interests:almost everything!!!....Wire wrapping...mining and learning about rocks/minerals...traveling all over...oh ya and we have the coolest most chill Chihuahua EVER!!! he loves to travel with us and sneak into festivals too :)
Other Distractions:working...completely is distracting me from doing what we love (traveling all the time and seeing as much music as possible!) But soon the working will stop and the fun will begin again!! :)


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All Good
Tue 4/1/2008 3:37PM

So help whore me out...hehe the more people that get their All Good tickets from my link, the more likely we get tickets!! Love ya!!

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