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About me:Music Freak, Notorious Fun Lovin' Goofball and a PA transplant. Nuff' about me, now tell me about You. Where y'att? Drop me a line.
Member Since:October 17, 2006
Last Login:October 2, 2014
Location:Juneau, AK
Birthday:October 2
Music means to me:Music is my Drug, my Lifeline, my Aphrodisiac. If it doesn't reach your Soul and make ya wanna move and groove, do you really call it Music?
Live it, Learn it, Love it, Gotta have it!
General Interests:Friends, Music and Travel. Finding a way to maintain that internal fire within and fighting gravity every step of the way. Getting old ain't for wusses. ;) Try it!
Other Distractions:Anything Stevie Ray Vaughan. Road Trips that involve good friends & meeting new ones, wicked vibes with no bad juju permitted, change of scenery to appreciate what you have, finding your funky groove to move with some bad ass live tunes. Ahhh...Life is Good.....


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