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About me:i'm just an old-school kinda gal. i love festivals and most any venue really. i live in the home of Bonnaroo and expect it every year! take it easy, cheezy.
Member Since:May 30, 2005
Last Login:March 25, 2012
Location:Manchester, TN
Birthday:April 16
Music means to me:Music, to me, brings together people. That is not exclusive to arenas, concerts, festivals, etc.. but also to the person alone in their home, car, headphones. Music conjurs memories, thoughts and perceptions-it relates you to a time you've heard that before and who you were with, where you were in your life, etc.. From musical theatre to hippie festivals to american idol w/my mom to diligently following your favorite artist to multiple concert events; there is a unifying presence w/music that there's not w/any other of the performing arts. Everyone gets music, baby! There's not a type of art, dance, or theatre that everybody likes. You will never find one human that says they don't like music in one form or the other regardless of the genre!!!
Schools:went for BFA in Theatre/Art double
didn't graduate; had too much fun
General Interests:table tennis, reading, poetry, camping, movies, yard sales, painting, origami, sewing, re-arranging furniture of other ppl's houses.
Other Distractions:the goodwill store, women, women, did i say women?


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