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About me:The seven members of Vessel take originality to a new level. The arrangement of instruments calls for styles of funk, rock, soul and psychedelic to bluegrass, folk, ragtime and traditional. Experience and friendship speak true attributes about this band and create a positive energy on CDs or in living color (especially in living color); with patience and communication comes exploratory behavior which makes for something new (all the time) and living up to the philosophy that "a song is never complete, only abandoned temporarily." Members include:

Isaac Raymond: Songwriter/Bass
Joshua Blair: Songwriter/Acoustic
Jonathan Bramel: Songwriter/Slide
Daniel Botula: Songwriter/Lead
Joshua Collins: Songwriter/Piano/Keyboards
Myron Koch: Saxophone/Synthesizer
Harry Francis Ennis Jr: Drums/Percussion

The release of their debut double-disk self-titled album (located on CD Baby and ITunes) will send Vessel alongside the Southeastern region of the US so keep an ear out. Check back to Jambase, website or Facebook (listed below) to keep uptodate on shows and/or live recordings (
Member Since:February 9, 2012
Last Login:February 11, 2015
Location:Louisville, KY
Birthday:March 19
Music means to me:A conduit for energy, a lust for life, to speak a feeling, to relate and communicate, to make everything from nothing, and to tell what it's all about (and that very well could be the hokie pokie).
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