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About me:i love veedubs. i love hippies. i love the dankity dank. i love LSD. i love the sky. i love the ground. i love fire. i love rain. i love clouds. i love thunder. i love lightning. i love mountains. i love the EARTH. i love camping. i love not paying bills. i love you. i love to groove. i love to jam. i love to lose control. i love to feel the music. i love the energy.
Member Since:May 27, 2008
Last Login:August 25, 2008
Location:Elkhorn, NE
Birthday:August 1
Music means to me:everything.
Schools:high school diploma
General Interests:art. v-dubs. history. economics. the future. astronomy. the environment. getting george dubya the HELL out of office.
Other Distractions:psychadelics. music. the earth.


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