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About me:Born in Honolulu, HI and raised in California, Victoria currently lives in New York City.
Life influences include: music, tearing the cartilage off of her ankle, Cheerios(TM), surfing in a hurricane, Ayn Rand, relief work in New Orleans, Powerbar(TM), living off a dollar, pilgrimage trip to India, spending 36 hours in Heathrow, ABBA, London, Mr. Lippi, Mr. Jaeger, Cartoon Network(TM), martial arts, getting hit by my car, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Member Since:March 3, 2008
Last Login:January 6, 2010
Location:New York, NY
Birthday:July 1
Music means to me:Music means everything. Music means nothing. Music is and it isn't.
Schools:Bachelor of Music 2008 - Syracuse University
Master of Arts in Media Studies 2010 - New School University
General Interests:live music, radio, concerts/festivals, hiking, climbing, martial arts, capoeira, singing, dancing, girls, guys, jazz, exploring, sailing, media
Other Distractions:running, biking, surfing, reading, writing, philosophy, basketball, walking, culture, comedy, drawing


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My review of Ari Erev's "About Time"
Tue 9/23/2008 6:44PM
Israeli-born pianist and composer Ari Erev, has been playing the piano since the age of four and the time he has spent perfecting his craft is both evident and extraordinary on this debut album About Time. With Yorai Oron on the bass and Gideon Pasahov on the drums, the trio plays a melodic and inviting mix of original jazz compositions and standards
Music-Lounge Sound Shot (Switzerland)
Tue 9/23/2008 5:53PM
music-lounge: Hi guys, thanks very much to take some time and answer a few questions for music lounge the music magazine. Hallo Jungs,… ganz herzlichen Dank, dass ihr euch Zeit nehmt, einige Fragen für das Musik Magazin music-lounge zu beantworten
Still Time: Power of Now (Insomnia Radio)
Tue 9/23/2008 5:48PM
With vocals swimming into the mystic range of Van Morrison and even Vedder or Duritz, San Luis Obispo's Still Time adeptly soaks up a variety of rock, folk, jazz and reggae influences and styles in the ever-widening musical tributary the band has finally arrived at with their debut album