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About me:Later
Member Since:August 26, 2008
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Location:Knoxville, TN
Birthday:January 31
Music means to me:My soul and heart. I've played keys for 28 years. My spirit soars when I hear good songs or see videos that the artists are pooring out all this energy. Journey ROCKS!!
Other Distractions:Listening to Deen Castronovo of Journey sing Mother Father. I've watched that video I know over 30 times today just because I couldn't imagine how he performs on the drums and lead vocals for 3 hours a day, 7 days a week, 10 months out of the year during the Revelation tour wraps up. He has an amazing amount of discipline in that he kicked drugs/alcohol and lost 40 pounds before the tour began. He said that's the only way he could physically do the tour and not crash mid-2008. His son was born in May of this year. I'm sure he's inspired more than ever. His girlfriend/wife is one lucky female!!!!!!


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