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About me:in short...i'm from cornwall NY, the kind of small town that you might dream of, but if you lived here you would hate it, cause i do, i love my music, even more, i love going to shows/festivals...it's always a good time...i'm a musician, so music is a large part of my life...i try to be open to any type of music, i don't limit myself to listening to a certain genre or anything, that would be just silly...other than that, ummmmm, party on?
Member Since:October 24, 2006
Last Login:December 2, 2006
Location:Cornwall, NY
Birthday:October 9
Music means to me:music means to me...everything, its the universal language of the world...i can just lose myself in it...i can escape everything...i love to play it, i'm a drummer...i can just play for hours, even the simplest beat, its just relaxing...i think theres always music you can relate to for whatever your mood is...a lot of people will be like, "well, i don't define myself with music cause i'm not some wanna be depressed little teenager or something gay like that", well thats not the idea, music is an art like all other arts and if you're not an artist then don't criticize, plain and simple...but yeah, music=everything
Schools:cornwall central highschool, little bit of orange county community college until i decided that it was not for me, soon to be attending new york film academy
General Interests:well...i like all other arts, but i only do photography, i'm into architecture but don't really want to go to school for it cause i hate math, i love to party, especially with hallucinogens, outdoors is cool, as long as i'm not freezing my ass off, traveling, traveling is my sole passion in life, to see the entire world and photograph it...i like some other things that i can't really think of...i get back to this later
Other Distractions:movies, SNAKES ON A PLANE, fight club, requiem for a dream, clerks, clerks 2, ferris beuller's day off, natural born killers, fear and loathing in las vegas, rocky horror picture show, anchorman, garden state, empire records, the friday the 13's, nightmare on elm street's, pumpkinhead, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, american history x, the breakfast club, bill and teds excellent adventure and bogus journey, the evil dead series, the emporer's new groove, anything made by Tim Burton and a lot of other stuff
don't really watch t.v., i geuss only stand up comedy and south park
some books, most recently fear and loathing in las vegas...definitely better than the movie


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