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About me:My name is Trevor Philipp. I am an acoustic/folk rock recording artist from Virginia Beach, VA. I have been playing guitar and singing since 2004 and have played at venues like the Norva, the Peppermint Beach Club, and Club Relevant. If you are ever interested in coming out to a show feel free to email me or send me a message. Thanks to all the fans that support me and all of the bands that let me share the stage with them.
Member Since:January 24, 2008
Last Login:April 11, 2008
Location:Norfolk, VA
Birthday:June 25
Music means to me:Music defines all life. Personally, I feel that music is the main form of communication throughout the world. Most of my songs are about the era of my life I am currently in-a teenager-which describe situations in high school, relationships, parents, politics, and minimum wage working. Without music the world would not be able to interact and show emotion.
Schools:High School
General Interests:Firefighting, Police Officer (K-9), Virginia Commonwealth University, Paramedic, Doctor, and the United States Coast Guard.
Other Distractions:Fishing, Girls, Food, Friends, Beach, and Driving.


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