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About me:Full of friendly vigour (and the overt, incomprehensible passion and fetish for hedonism) 34 as of early 2011, 6'6" & grizzled like Tom Waits, a Charles Bukowski drunk, hotelier, humanist, skeptic, athiest, self said (bullshit) critic & musicologist (lounge,jazz,groove,funk and too much more), horror & zombie fan for philosophical reasons, I play cards with Richard Feynman & Carl Sagan. I am responsive and I LOVE to give. Love arcane discussion? Love the outdoors? A glass of wine with the two then? Even better! I need to surround myself with dirt and trees for extended periods of time to escape some pressurized chaos and madness. Usually, anywhere that two people can make love and not worry about having to like exhibitionism to do so (I would NEVER be party to that, either....uhhh...yeah). Camping is good for the intellect, and the body. I think... maybe. I can't remember. It is also better to be camping at 10,000 feet or above... the buzz is incredible. I like to fish... Campbell River, B.C. Ummmm... hmmm.. How about a Voltaire quote? "If God did not exist, it would be necessary for man to invent him". And Bukowski? "I have stared between a woman's knees and seen where empires have fallen" Mmmmmm..... burning in water, drowning in flame!
Member Since:February 7, 2003
Last Login:November 17, 2014
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:July 22
Music means to me:Everything...
Schools:Park Elementary School (how many do you want), Borel Juniour High School, San Mateo High School, University of Colorado in Boulder
General Interests:LIVE MUSIC, Skepticism, Humanism, Athiesm, thoughts, words, moments of responsiveness. Moments of drunken clarity. Arcane beauty. Sexuality, pushing limits and exploring boundaries. Love, emotional connections. At any rate... Burning man is a lovely artistic collective of very groovy like minded people... it carries back into the Bay Area, and hell... even Xingolati captured that good vibe. Anyhoo.. I think I believe in FICTIONAL SOLUTIONS TO NON FICTION PROBLEMS... &; no success like hedonistic excess..... Traveling!!! my '95 Jeep Wrangler, me and my dog.. going camping in 10 western states & B.C.... every national park, as well. Yay!
Other Distractions:Ask. I mean, really... hasn't this been a bit much already? Books? Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to Charles Bukowski to Matheson's I AM LEGEND. And all the political, philisophical, and science text in between. Mostly science really.... Movies... oh god. Bloody and zombie are lovely metaphors for social fears and angst. Things I find engaging or worthwhile.... seriously.. I gotta stop here.....

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