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About me:I'm a journalist that lives in Fremont Seattle, working by day to afford to go to shows by night. I'm just starting to write more about music, and hoping to submit a few articles for JamBase soon. And a diehard UM fan!
Member Since:September 30, 2006
Last Login:February 15, 2014
Location:Renton, WA
Music means to me:Music is my calm, my energy, my soul and my laughter, all rolled into a combination of rhythms, beats, and badass instrumentals. Music is the connecting force between me, new friends, and the entire universe. Without music, I would not have been inspired to be a writer, I would not have gone on a 10-hour-per-day driving road trip to Arizona two years ago, I would not know love.
Schools:DePauw University
General Interests:hiking, veganism, dancing in my living room, biking, chillin' with friends, live music
Other Distractions:politics, reading


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