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About me:I'm originally from the Cleveland area and now live in the Lehigh Valley in eastern Pennsylvania. I'm in a few bands: Pinnacle, Pulse, Xeroid Entity, and The Municipal Band of Allentown. I also host three radio shows: Galactic Travels (WDIY), Afterglow (WMUH), and The AM/FM Show (WMUH).
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Cleveland Heights High School
Wiley Jr. High School
Belvoir Elementary School
General Interests:Hiking, Travel, Electronic Music, Progressive Rock


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Multiple Pulses
Tue 4/29/2008 3:41PM
Searching JamBase for the band Pulse yields multiple results.  To help clarify at least some of the confusion, one of these bands is based in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania, USA.  That's the greater Allentown/Bethlehem area.

This particular band named Pulse is known in the JamBase universe as Pulse (PA).  The players are:
Bob Ashmore: keyboard
Greg Van Allen: guitar, vocals
Rod Gilkeson: vocals, percussion
Bill Fenstermacher: drums, vocals
Bill Fox: bass, synth, vocals
You can visite the Official Pulse Website and they're on MySpace, too.