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About me:Old enough to know better, crazy enough to not care what you think. Lived more in a year overseas than most folks do in a lifetime. I enjoy getting up front and center.
Member Since:March 25, 2008
Last Login:January 17, 2015
Location:Franklin, WI
Birthday:March 16
Music means to me:Music can bring together a group of diverse people, especially when the music moves the soul.
Schools:Attended Montreat College's "School of Professional and Adult Studies". Yes, they sold "SPAS" t-shirts. Like I really neede that!
General Interests:Ultimate, disc golf, mountain biking, paddling a lazy canoe, camping, eucre, cribbage, pinocle, star gazing, hiking, NFL Sundays, NHL Red Wings, archive.org, airshows,
Other Distractions:Garden grown vegtables and greens... it always tastes better when you planted it and watched it grow.


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