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About me:I am a 27 year old guitarist and multi instrumentalists (anything fretted, slide guitars, keyboard/synth) I have been trying to find the right people to start a band with. I really only need a drummer and bassist, but the drummer is the main thing. Not to be cocky or conceited but I am very talented and have more than enough musical talent and songwriting ability to make a living out of playing music. I just need to find some like-minded, easy going,laid back yet fun and full of energy people who want to make the best music they can possibly make and share it with the world. I play and enjoy all varieties of music (except angry metal and negative music) and want to spread the positive message of appreciation for the awesomeness of yourself as an individual and all life. If you are a drummer or bassist and are dedicated to your own evolution as a person and as a musician and have the drive and determination to see your dreams through to the end, while enjoying the ride without stressing over the end goal in the meantime, then please please contact me! I would be willing to relocate if it felt right.
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Location:Dubuque, IA
Birthday:April 9
Schools:University of Iowa (major in cinema)
General Interests:Metaphysics, stuart wilde, self growth and evolution, writing, comedy, anything outdoors, teaching, learning to be more peaceful and loving everyday, enjoying life to the fullest, having fun


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