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About me:I've got that WV seasonal life...
Ski School/ Rafting Company. I get bored easily so live music is the best. I've got 3 kids all almost grown and a Chocolate Lab that is my best friend. Life Is Good!
Member Since:August 28, 2001
Last Login:March 16, 2015
Location:Bluefield, WV
Birthday:August 3
Music means to me:Music helps me to relate to other people. My friends and I have been going to shows and festivals since the 80's, and I don't plan on stopping until I'm dead. Live music is ever changing no song is ever the same, no band will ever last but music is a constant in my life.
Schools:Bluefield State
General Interests:Anying in the snow, Touring Kayaks, travel and friends.
Other Distractions:Terry Gilliam is the greatest, guide books are some of my best friends and TV is just a passing fancy


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