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About me:bare feet tank top and shorts is all we need.

i like to LIVE!...... and maybe take some pictures of it :)
Member Since:April 18, 2007
Last Login:January 3, 2012
Location:Spring, TX
Birthday:August 9
Music means to me:music is the energy of life.
Schools:New England School Of Photography.
General Interests:this is what i enjoy. dance, photography, painting, drawing, coloring books, puzzles, black and white photographs, ballets, bright colors, dreams, acting gangster, being nude, being nude with catherine, jess stambaugh, freaking out, the rain, 51 allston street, knitting, remembering, swimming, the summer, bare feet tank top and shorts is all we need, the idea that my father is coming with me to see widespread, red wine, bire cheese, crackers, cooking, meeting knew people, being drunk, smoking on comm ave at 1am, thinking, david bann, crayola crayons, stensils the history channel, using my hands, campwk, my senior year, anit-matter, heady nuggs, organic chemisty, earth science, random things, the grateful dead, reading, richard, , dan, broudy, catherine, eric, sometimes devin, my family, my friends, understanding, dreads, fetish, the veiw, peace, love holla back.
Other Distractions:4x5, polaroid, tattoos at the last minute, black and white, long hair, colorado, color film.


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