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About me:27 years old, drummer, self-proclaimed madman
Member Since:November 14, 2006
Last Login:August 6, 2013
Location:Sacaton, AZ
Birthday:October 15
Music means to me:music=life
it is my reason for living
i don't know what i'd do without it
Schools:la mirada high school, canoga park high school, downey high school, chandler high school
General Interests:music, movies, tv, hangin out with friends, listening to/playing/making music, drinkin, smokin, plotting against my enemies, oh did i mention music?
Other Distractions:movies- blazing saddles, donnie darko, requiem for a dream, half baked, team america, go;
tv- the simpsons, family guy, lost, the office, saturday night live, 30 rock, grey's anatomy;
books- animal farm by george orwell, anything stephen king, phillip k. dick, or richard bachman, right now i'm reading Dune by Frank Herbert and also The Scavenger's Manifesto

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