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About me:if you know me you love me, if you don't know me then you are wishing that you did. A bag of fun with a box of time.

I am also a tailor that tailors to your needs. Nothing i see is too big nor too small.
Member Since:January 16, 2007
Last Login:April 4, 2009
Location:Columbus, OH
Birthday:September 25
Music means to me:Is a way of life that everyone needs to follow. a state of being that everyone should realize. a piece of matter that nobody can stop. because it is , after all, the most powerful force is the intterpatation of ones music.
Schools:school of the deaf dumb and blind, and anyone who is in need
General Interests:music , theory of water ,science , astrology,and any one of earths natural wonders.
Other Distractions:bicycles that ride in the road-----jay walkers-----getto birds that don't stop singing----money-----television


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