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About me:Bucks County PA Native...... I love to travel all over to see shows and festivals. I enjoy camping, listing to live music, drinking red wine, walking my dogs, spinning albums, hanging around old friends, running with my ipod+nike, canoeing, backpacking
Member Since:November 3, 2004
Last Login:April 20, 2013
Location:Feasterville Trevose, PA
Birthday:August 8
Music means to me:Everything! What else would I spend my money on!
Schools:Neshaminy High School, Buck County Community College, Palm Beach Community College, Harper College,
General Interests:Music, my dogs, my turtle, red wine and the great outdoors! WHAT ELSE IS THERE!!??!!
Other Distractions:Relix Mag, my space, Jam Base, my ipod, email, adventure mag,backpacker mag,Borders Book store, Toyota's


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