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About me:i really enjoy music!!!
Member Since:September 29, 2000
Last Login:April 3, 2014
Location:Richmond, CA
Birthday:March 15
Music means to me:music = life = love
Schools:school of hard knocks
funk school
university of california,berkeley - haas school of business - 1989 acctg + org behavior & industrial relations.
laney jr college oakland and 1 semester college of alameda
berkeley high school - dropout - circca '74
General Interests:music. music. music. family. fun. music. spectator sports esp baseball, basketball (college and pro), football (college and pro) and soccer aka football. music. movies. fun. people. friends. music. politics and the whirled at large. some tv. beer. good beer! food! yum good food. single malt scotch. sake. really good sake. my wife. i love the outdoors and need to hike, bike etc more. books, magazines (examples. vonnegut. kerouac. tom wolfe. ken kesey. william faulkner. f. scott fitzgerald. no depression when it was around. paste. mojo.)
music. i guess that is about it. did i say music?
Other Distractions:not many that i can think of. my wonderful wife. my beautiful african grey timneh parrot, isabella. our cats asha and hobbes.
all of the things that are fucked up in the world today. all of the things that are marvelous and wonderous too.


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