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About me:I love music. Seriously. As if my job depended on it.

A geographical history of my whereabouts: EB,NJ -> West Philly Ghetto -> NYC -> Chicago -> SF -> Mill Valley -> Boston -> Berkeley -> SF: Viva La Mission!
Member Since:November 6, 1999
Last Login:May 10, 2015
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:August 16
Music means to me:Music is the essence of life, the reason for living. It conveys a wider range of emotions than any words possibly can. Music stirs the soul, it is the universal healing force in this world, that is why I stay tapped into it to maintain the positive direction...
Schools:University of Pennsylvania, East Brunswick High School, Hammarskjold Junior High School, Chittick Elementary School, and originally from the Old School.
General Interests:The "Arnold Palmer" Ice Tea-Lemonade Combo, H&H Bagels, Rocky Road Soy Delicious, Peanut M&Ms, "egyptian style" falafel slices, the wine salami from Lucca, Brothers Pizza (EB, NJ)
Other Distractions:HD-DVR, The Daily Show, Family Guy, quoting The Big Lebowski and Anchorman... and Dazed and Confused.


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