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Rochesterathome.com Tony G groove junction review
Wed 3/5/2008 3:30PM

Tony Gallicchio
Groove Junction

Tony Gallicchio could not have chosen a more fitting name for his record Groove Junction. It is just that. Every song grooves, swoons and jives through fantastic bass work, soothing, yet soulful vocals and some solid piano play.

Groove Junction is a silky smooth record with talented, slinky bass lines and stealthy guitar work, backed up by lounge-worthy drumming and nice vocals. Gallacchio’s voice is top notch throughout, even though there are some parts where the vocals are too soft or hard to hear, but that is more on the production value and less on him. Gallicchio can wail as well as he can sing, as evident on Wondering, which might be the best track on Groove Junction. It surely is the catchiest. There is one guarantee with this record for sure; it will make you want to move. Whether it be just toe-tapping, head swaying, or maybe even finger snapping, this record will make it happen. You might even want to groove out a nice slow dance to it. The track As We Come of Age has a lot of good parts to it; a soft and subtle guitar solo, strict bass line and some of the record’s better vocals. Half Step is a nice display of all of the members’ musical ability. No vocals, all instruments. It is with this track that you’re able to see just what type of talent these guys possess.

This is the type of music I can see putting your feet up to, swirling a nice glass a brandy, and lighting up a fine cigar. Those are the perfect things to do while listening, either that, or love making.