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About me:I'm a performer, a rock n roller. I write songs, novels, stories and blogs etc. I'm the Hell's Kitchen Rock n Roll Legend.
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Music means to me:Energy and the goosebumps that crawl all over me when i hear the sounds I dig.
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Thirty years in NYC
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Breaking out of Vintage
Fri 2/22/2008 10:09PM
Hey.  Writing stuff again.  Because my last gig, just this past Monday, the 18th was so hot that I want to put the vibe in the air that my band needs and deserves a larger venue.  I mean Vintage is a very cool bar and Tim Young Band has been the house band there for a year now but from this past gig's influence on me and the rest of my best fans who come out to see me all the time, well, we just deserve a bigger place, a place that will allow for even more of a rockin' scene because that's what we do best.

'We' is myself, Tim Young, and my drummer, Sand Edwards.  This duo rocks hard with energy and melody and a feeling that simply spreads across age and genre.  No gimmicks.  There's no faking the feeling when things are shaking and rattling like the pots and pans in the kitchen.  That's Hell's Kitchen to be exact.  That where the real shit goes down.

So do what's right and please get out to see this band perform.  A new CD will be out this Spring which is 'The Cost.'  I'll have all the info up about this release as soon as it comes out.  Rock n Roll to remember.
That's my tag line and once you get a taste of what I'm talking about I know that you will hop on this train.  www.timrocksweb.com