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About me:I only buy CDs in preparation for the live show. Is there any better way to enjoy the art of your favorite musicians? I eat breathe and sleep St. Louis Cardinal baseball. Fried chicken and sweet tea are the chosen ones. Blue is my color, rarely my mood. I can't say no to brunettes. I will retire without ever feeling like I worked...flying is not a job.
Member Since:February 16, 2008
Last Login:September 27, 2012
Location:Buffalo Grove, IL
Birthday:June 5
Music means to me:something different than it means to you and that's the beauty of it
Schools:BA from Davidson College
General Interests:Golf, the eternal plight of the Buffalo Bills, politics, the crappy dollar, anything by David Baldacci, urban living before rugrats force me out, a good argument, piano, dead terrorists
Other Distractions:"The Natural", skiing, Flathead Lake, MT, Snickers, ipod playlists, "Lost" and "24", The Masters is an obsession, trivia, crossword puzzles, shameless flirting, alternating fiction/non-fiction


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