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About me:I like to play the drums, listen to every kind of music except country. Currently, I'm working on starting my own business and that's about it.
Member Since:February 5, 2007
Last Login:February 5, 2007
Location:Atascadero, CA
Birthday:May 30
Music means to me:I love alternative rock the most because there's such a variety. music to me is uplifting and should be used to express how you feel and should be enjoyed by everyone
Schools:Atascadero High School, Cuesta College
General Interests:Basketball, Volleyball, acoustic drums
Other Distractions:Braveheart, The Saint, Ever After, Tuck Everlasting, The Ghost and the Darkness, Dangerous Liazons, Serendipity, Two and a Half Men, Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, Third Rock from the Sun


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