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About me:Owned nothing but air-cooled VWs my whole life. Own a '63 Karmann Ghia at the moment. Listen mainly to metal/ death metal bands. My nephew is in the band "Centralia", which is the heaviest band that's been in this area in over a decade!!
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Music means to me:the heavier the better ...for non violent moshing, of course:-)


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Help! Behind by 8 Votes in a Merch Contest That Ends 6/25!!
Tue 6/21/2011 8:32AM
Well, Centralia is finding it hard to save up money for merch, when venues promise them the door(then get only $11) Or the money gets split in half twice before the bands get $60 to divide up between 4 of them:-(
Of course, we gave the band that had to travel over 2 hours all the money twice in those two gigs:-) So, I guess it comes down to merch contests and relying on it's growing fan base to help out!  So, this merch contest link below would be a great start! It would be appreciated if you could check mark next to our name:-) Thank YOU!