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About me:36 year old male that work for HP Software in sales. I was a professional snowboarder in the early 90's before I broke my back. I was truned on to the greatful dead after moving to MAmmoth Lakes. I was luck enough to see Jerry about 50 times. A few weeks before he moved across the Black Muddy River I saw WideSpread PAnic in Truckee. THey have changed my life and have intruduced me to many of wonderful friends, lovers and have had some wonderful time traveling around the country. I took care of my dad as he was dieing from Cancer and PAnic was my escape. Panic and their crew have been very good to me and a southern gentlemen. It crushed me to lose a friend like mike to cancer also. I miss him very much. THey are on fire with Jimmy now. I love that band. We need a change so please do everything you can to help Obama get in office.
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Location:Nederland, CO
Birthday:March 25
Music means to me:'Music washes away the dust of everyday life"
Schools:YEp I dun got one ah dem. I mean so of dat schooling and teaching.
BA in US History from UCSC fthe fighting Banana Slugs
Other Distractions:PEople talking at shows, Shut the fuk up and tall guys in the back. Look around you have probably stood in front of a small girl and are blocking her view