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About me:Sedona/ flagstaff, AZ, and ATL
Member Since:October 19, 2002
Last Login:About 11 hours ago
Location:Steamboat Springs, CO
Birthday:July 19
Music means to me:Air cymbal solo during Easy Wind- Workingman's Dead @ 3:32
Schools:verde valley school, cactus shadows high school, northern arizona university
General Interests:music, art, food, beer, brewing, growing, dancing, hikeing, camping, bikeing, literature, table tennis, gettin lit, etc
Other Distractions:higgs-boson, mash p.h., farina 00 & San Marzanos, casscade and magnum alpha acid %, 3.141592, delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, Jim Jones, photo-voltism, Mandelbrot set, M-Theory, musical psychology, astrobiology, Albert Camus, etc


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