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About me:The Suex Effect (pronounced "sway") is redefining high-energy groove-rock. Forged in the furnace of the Athens, GA music scene, The Suex Effect showcases a diverse amalgam of influences honed to a fiercely focused and driven edge. For the power-funk trio, the goal has always been to produce danceable music that challenges, energizes, and ultimately uplifts the audience.
Jon Daniels brings a vast set of musical influences to the group as the Suex skin jockey, backed by an extensive and continuing commitment to music theory. His sound on the drum kit stretches from the funkiness of Galactic to the progressive side of Tool.
Miles Karp is responsible for all the slaptastic percussive style bass slinging. Informed primarily by bassists like Les Claypool and Phil Lesh, Miles' chops take a bite out of anything from the slap-silliest of funk lines to the most lyrical of bass counter-melodies.
The Suex's axe-man is Richard Barrett, a multi-talented student of music theory and live performance veteran. Seamlessly utilizing styles from palm-muted reggae rhythm to metal shredding, Ricky takes the audience through soaring peaks of syncopated shred and bottom-heavy
70's funk.
Together, the Suex Effect builds upon the wide and interlocking foundations of each member, forming a huge on-stage presence and synergy hard to match anywhere else.
The Suex Effect is currently on the road promoting their new full-length, Phases, out on October 16, 2012.
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