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About me:Musical Mercenary.
Vocalist. Percussionist, Rhythm Guitar, Didjeridoo.
Sound Tech, Producer, Management.
Pro Roadie. Pro Fixer.
Member Since:April 21, 2011
Last Login:April 26, 2011
Location:Providence, RI
Birthday:April 30
Music means to me:When modern society falls
when technology fails
music will still be alive
and again the musician will take on the role of Shaman,
Magician, the giver of knowledge and information.
Music is of the soul.
It is energy and can neither be created nor destroyed.
It will outlive us all!!!!!
Schools:St Paul's, Cranston, RI
La Salle Academy, Providence, RI
General Interests:Theater, Film, Dance, Art
Saving mankind from Mediocrity.
Giving knowledge to the tragically stupid.
If you have a problem with that ... i'll be right over to help.
Other Distractions:Books:
Dune Series by Frank Herbert.
Lord of the Rings.
Chuck Palenuk
Tekken, Soulblade, GTA.
Your mom.


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