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About me:Yo, I'm Candra. I'm huge into jam bands, hence why I'm here. Chill music baby.
Member Since:April 21, 2010
Last Login:February 4, 2013
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:September 12
Music means to me:Everything, music means everything too me. It has since I was three years old lisening to my favorite song by Greatful Dead to later lisening to trampled by turtles, hot buttered rum, phenox and db.
Schools:Mesa State College, Front Range Community College
Other Distractions:Hiking, Painting, Photography.


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Who is going to The Disco Biscuits in Boulder, Colorado in Jan?
Mon 11/8/2010 1:38PM
I am, It seems to me, I live in a semi small town, 4 hours away from Boulder but it seems to me that everyone in this town has no clue who the disco biscuits are, or care. Is it like that in your town or is only me