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About me:My name is Jaocb. I'm from chattanooga, TN. I'm a laid back 21 year old who likes to chill and have a good time!
Member Since:August 18, 2007
Last Login:December 1, 2012
Location:Harrison, TN
Birthday:July 13
Music means to me:A way to escape. A way to meet friends. Relaxation. Language of the soul.
Schools:This one, that one, and the other.
General Interests:Working, my girlfriend and little man Brighton who is about to enter this world, music, tattoos and other arts, playing music, going to shows and festivals, learning new and interesting things, hanging out with my true friends. If you don't like my fire, then don't come around!
Other Distractions:I'm really into Hunter S. Thompson, Brett Easton Ellis, and Chuck P. I don't watch much tv though. I'm into a lot of independent and horror films.


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