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About me:I'm LEKA.
Member Since:September 10, 2009
Last Login:March 15, 2013
Location:Birmingham, AL
Birthday:April 20
Music means to me:I really enjoy music and count it as a crucial part of my everyday life. I love all kinds of music, really anything that can express how I am feeling at the moment. I am a dj at BlazeRadio.org so discovering new music and shoving it out to the masses is what I like to do. I would really love to dj at a for real station some day or at a club.
Schools:Bevill State Community College (Jasper) - 2008
The University of Alabama at Birmingham - 2010
General Interests:road trips, poetry, writing, making plants grow, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, living dangerously, taking pics, being competitive, mixing paint, paper, throwing smoke up in the air, watching trains go underneathe me, driving with the windows down, short hair, giggling, holding hands, being with people I love, learning new things and learning how to form an argument for academic writing assignments = the hardest thing ever.


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