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About me:Just tryin to see as many shows an meet as many good heads in as short as time as possible Hit me up if you're ever in So Cal!
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Location:San Juan Capistrano, CA
Birthday:July 30
Music means to me:Every fuckin thing at once, especially Beethoven...Cause he's God!
Schools:School of Hard Rock, Knocks, sox, blocks, multicored clocks that tick and tock, and Spock (University)
General Interests:Alex Grey, Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady, Jack Kerouac, an lets not forget ALBERT HOFFMAN and his problem child
Other Distractions:Spirit Molecules, Problem Childs, and roads less traveled, oh an fountains not made by the hands of man


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Disco Biscuits
Sat 11/21/2009 12:14PM
Saw my first Disco Biscuits show on thursday at the House of Blues in LA, and it will definately not be my last. Never been too into the electronic scene but they fucking tore it up. Great energy small personnel venue, and some good heads in the crowd. Thanks to Christian and Ray for helping with the piece situation, see you at the shows