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About me:The Few is a group based out of Eastern MA and Providence, RI that will set your soul on fire with rock and roll- including- but NOT limited to.. wailing vocals, soothing harmonies, sincere ballads, and incendiary jams.
Member Since:February 22, 2008
Last Login:January 21, 2011
Location:Providence, RI
Birthday:June 16
Music means to me:an excuse to drink beer and make loud noises on a tuesday night
Schools:james brown, funk brothers, aerosmith, zep, ac f#$@in' dc, hendrix, beatles
General Interests:family guy, quality flicks, funny hats, monkeys, buck hunter, rock band, hanging out with friends, mariachi bands, the land of ireland, monkeys throwing feces
Other Distractions:mac and cheese, investments, wine, cars, bellybuttons (esp. outies), cheese puffs, afros, headbands, chocolate, unusual condiments


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