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About me:Born in San Francisco, CA in the fall of 2006, The American Economy is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Justin Alexander. Seeking to combine the continual freshness of improvisational jams with the catchiness and listenability of indie rock, Justin started playing with John Rybak after the two met in fall of 2006.

Soon after, the two met up with Mike Thonus through jam sessions as part of the Stuck in the Mire series at Blondie's Bar and No Grill in San Francisco's Mission District. Hours in the practice space brought into existence the band's signature tight grooves around hairpin turns, rounded out by Justin's vocals and Johns soaring guitar solos.

The American Economy hopes to make you shake it while at the same time presenting songs that will stand the test of time with structure and integrity. Firmly believing that the greatest music arises from the melding of many genres, The American Economy blends blues, jazz, rock, freestyle jams, and indie/pop seemlessly to create a unique sound that is fresh, yet somehow familiar.
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