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About me:The Feast is a modern rock alternative band that fuses all of the greatest attributes of rock history into one very original sound.

From bluesy rifts, upbeat tempos, to the complex compositions of the great prog-rockers, there is a little bit of everything in the music of the Feast. It is clear that there is a scholastic and disciplined approach to their music writing, yet the energy of the band suggests they are fun loving as well as hard working. (by Okieart)

The 8 song CD "Strength" by "The Feast" delivers a great mix of sensible rock music with additive flavors of pop, blues, jazz, and even more. The chemistry of instruments proves the diversity and dimension of the musicians. The overall rating of this CD is a "must hear". author: NIGHTLIFE MAGAZINE - Judy Ann Dolce & Rick Rhodes
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Location:Lancaster, NY
Music means to me:

Todd Kessner – Vocals, Acoustic
Roger Cormier – Guitar, sitar, vocals
Jason Durys – Bass, vocals
Sean Martin – Guitar, vocals
Mark Freeland - Percussion

Track Listing: Strength 2004 Release

1. Wide Eyes
2. New Orleans
3. Parting @ Denny’s
4. Strength
5. Rejuvenate
6. Closer to Heaven
7. Too much trouble
8. Time Still Waits

Schools:At the present time the Feast have been working on pre-production for their 2nd release. Recording begins this December at GCR Audio. No release date as of yet, but sometime in the 1st quarter of the year. Plans are in the works to do some shows in several surrounding cities and towns thru-out the region.


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