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About me:Joe Ryan grew up listening to old country, put himself through college working at Buddy Guy's in Chicago, and has lived in more than a few states in the Union. This band arrangement finds a new home for long-time drummer Joey Werner. Pianist Sheila Bertoletti and bassist Dustin Pyka, having been classically trained, compliment the songwriting with smart arrangements adding subtle nuances. After completing a well-received solo trip to Ireland, Joe's live performance of "Baby We Can Work It Out" (recorded at Thomas Reads for On-The- Verge radio) and "Annamosity" (the first single off the new "Back In Bridgeport" EP) were released to Dublin's Phantom Radio 92.5 and have garnered good reviews. The band has been invited to play a series of shows in the U.K. during the summer of 2008.
Member Since:January 16, 2008
Last Login:April 20, 2008
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:April 12
Music means to me:Our members are long-time musicians very involved in the Chicago independent scene. Music is a way for us to represent ourselves, break the 9 to 5 grind, and meet talented people.
Schools:all the top ones
General Interests:Rocking out, traveling to different states, selling merch, meeting musicians and good people, having our van survive road trips, and people involved in the independent scene.
Other Distractions:Jobs, categorization, and routine.


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