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About me: ive been on this planet for only two decades yet i feel as if i could easily compose my life story and sell a million copies NOW. yet this idea is contradicting in itself because the reason i havent is because i have yet to deveope that true sense of competing an achievement so grand. although i may chose to belive that i have a rounded soul already, i know that only a foolish woman accept this as the truth. i am forever growing.
Member Since:August 23, 2006
Last Login:February 13, 2008
Location:Flagstaff, AZ
Birthday:October 26
Music means to me:music means to me what current means to a kayaker. i prefer to hear sound that is taken to the ultimate max. higher, higher and higher until it is rounded back into a state of comfort. if it lacks a peak or a transition then it wont do it for me.
about a month ago someone stole the cd player out of my car. i havent been myself since (dead serious) its rough. sure i get to listen to my music at home... but now when im cruzin with my windows down i actually have to hear what some other people play in their car... its pretty f-ing bad. ive been using my ac more.
Schools:cochise college, northern arizona university
General Interests:school, work, family, shows, dancing, cleaning my house, nature, travelling, rivers, oceans, redwoods, home-sweet-home, reality
Other Distractions:not too many


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