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About me:pro stagehand, Ph.D, scientist, technician, teacher, peace activist - member of Historians For Peace and Code Pink, researcher, writer, transgender activist, dancing queen, fashionistia, Tahoe based "Black Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" ski club, Burning Man grrl, Kinky Salon member #17, pro-reading/anti-TV, pro-bike/anti-car, guitar player, hot tubs, hippies with guns, 420 friendly, no tweekers, ex-poet.
Member Since:July 25, 2007
Last Login:February 27, 2011
Location:Santa Rosa, CA
Birthday:May 5
Music means to me:First of all its my craft, my trade, my life, after that ... Money. Its a business to be sure.

There is a lot of stuff I like and that moves me, and I like to dance so STS9 is a good night, even if I can't see myself listening to them in my off hours.
General Interests:jazz, classical, theatre, Giants and Niners, good coffee, cheap beer, Apple iBook, skiing, train travel, bicycles, long walks, general disruption, troublemaking, social activism, dancing, good food, Bob's Doughnuts, Ten15, photography, writing, discussions, insults, lurking, and telling people "Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you how to get along without it."
Other Distractions:Best quality - ruthlessly polite
Special talent - lurking
Sign: Slippery when wet
Favorite game - Wack-a-Mole
Favorite color - teal blue
Favorite tool - Makita 18V Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion 1/2" Driver-Drill
Second favorite tool - Milwaukee 5346-21 Rotary Hammer
Favorite smell - fresh high-grade light machine oil
Favorite food - my GFs enchalias made from her mom's recipe
Favorite place in the USA - Lake Tahoe and Death Valley (both in California)
Favorite place in a foreign country - State of Campeche, Mexico
Favorite stripe in the US flag - 7
Greatest accomplishment - raising two boys into honorable manhood
Greatest disappointment - Martha Stewart has done more federal time then I have

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