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Location:San Diego, CA
Birthday:December 5
Music means to me:More than I could possibly explain. I am the son of a rock'n'roll DJ. I grew up on everything from Motown to James Taylor and everything in between...the Blues, Jazz, you name it! And being from Burlington VT, Phish was/is my hometown band. When they put out Hoist in 94, I was 13 and already loved the band, but I wore out that record. 12 years later I coincidentally recorded at American Recording Studios (where Phish recorded Hoist) as I was invited by Richie Podolor (producer for Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf)
At 20 (2001) I bought Sailing to Philadelphia by Mark Knopfler and it completely changed the way I approached guitar. I got rid of the pick went finger style.
The guitar is and has been one of the largest parts of my life for over 13 years now (I am 29 now...2010).
I have worked for major record companies and played music full-time and everything in between...
Schools:Appalachian State University
General Interests:beach, guitars, making home-brew, skiing, mountain biking, surfing
Other Distractions:women


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