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About me:I am rhythmic eagle lady with a sagitarius crazyness. I love twirling my arms and letting the music take control. Music is the window into everything and helps me throughout my daily journey through moments and expierences. I live in Eugene, Oregon and currently attend the University there. I have a soft side for animals and people in need. I love putting together gatherings for people to come and share the love. love. love. Festivals are the firecrackers of life and my summer tour is my motiviation for creation.
Member Since:October 3, 2006
Last Login:May 20, 2010
Location:Eugene, OR
Birthday:December 14
Music means to me:Music has no definition because to define something puts restriction on it. Music means the world to me, it means happy smiles and fast feet, it means giggles and outrageous laughter from a tent at 3 am, cuddle puddles, it means dancing in the mud, it means hittin' the bag of wine,rainbows, psychdelic phunk parties, being good phamily, the grass always being blue, it means coming face to face with everything that makes you happy and living the life you love, loving the life you live.
General Interests:Life
Other Distractions:Yoga


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